This is a Harley-Davidson club only... No Jap scraps allowed



 We are a 3 patch Motorcycle Club. Established 1977 in Oakland CA by Ron "HOT" Rodden. We are NOT a gang and do not support street gangs. We are Harley riders that have respect for each other our bikes and the road. We respect fellow bikers and other clubs in our community. Our primary focus is avoiding new trends, riding and representing our selves out on the road. Being a brother means we are loyal, trust-worthy and would do anything for each other. We have high regards for family, hard work, friendship and spending time riding with each other. We do not care for tweakers, drunks, junkies or low life liars who like to start trouble. However we are not a clean and sober club either.We love freedom, motorcycles and having fun riding.


We wear the Gothic Moon-Dog Gargoyle on our back with honor and pride. Gargoyles have been known to be protectors against evil spirits and defenders of good. Our bond is all for one and one for all. We are rebels who believe in justice and are proud to be Americans in the land of the free, home of the brave. We support our troops, have respect for all Vets and give to some charities. Not all three patch clubs are outlaws or criminals... We are everyday people who enjoy what we do and doing good things for those who need it.






 Requires a serious commitment to the brothers of O.S.M.C. and is by invitation only. We are very particular of who we bring in because we want responsible people with their shit together who can contribute something positive to our club. All men age 21and over interested are welcome to contact us. 



    Contact: email- rottenrodden1@sbcglobal.net